Lab testing procedure

At Karma Farma, we offer a wide range of flavored Broad and Full spectrum hemp oils in order to appeal to different tastes. This paragraph is intended to explain the lab reports that match the lot # on our various flavored tincture products. When we purchase bulk oil, we are provided a lab report from the seller, so we can see what level of cannabinoids it contains, and to make sure that pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents are not detected. Once we obtain the oil, we manufacture test bottles without any added flavor (our Natural flavor) and send to a certified lab for analysis to ensure that it matches the lab report provided by the seller, and that the levels of CBD are the amount listed on our labels. The lot # on flavored oils coincides with the Certificate of Analysis (COA) provided by the lab, of the Natural flavored oil sent for testing. Lab reports can cost up to $490.00 per item and in the case of our Broad spectrum oils, to test 5 flavors, plus the natural unflavored, costs can be close to $3,000 per batch of oil. In an effort to keep consumer costs as affordable as possible, we have chosen to only test the natural flavor, as it is the same oil, used in the same amount, in multiple flavored products. To date, our efforts to keep operating costs as low as possible, along with better purchasing power, have enabled us to lower our tincture prices, 4 times in less than 3 years.
Those of you that have used our products since 2017, have come to trust that we are providing solid products at an affordable price, compared to similar brands. We thank you for choosing Karma Farma. Your continued trust and support of our products enables us to improve our products, and stay relevant in an onslaught of CBD brands and products coming to the market. Those of you new to Karma Farma can be assured that what it says on the label, is what’s in the bottle or container. We only sell 1000 mg and 1200 mg tinctures for the simple fact that we want you to take a full strength product, and to provide the best value for your hard earned dollars. Sure, 300, 500 and 1000 mg hemp oil tinctures are available through our competitors, however, if you do a cost per mg analysis, it’s easy to see that Karma Farma is the best value in most cases.
It is our mission to offer the highest quality products at the lowest price possible. We are confident that, once you try our products, you will agree.

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